viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

PROGRAMA #196 (17/07/2014)

THE RAMONES “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” (1976)
THE RAMONES “Blitzkrieg Bop” (1976)
THE RAMONES “I Wanna Be Your Friend” (1976)
BIKINI KILL “Rebel Girl” (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, 1993 RE-2014)
THE LEMONHEADS “Sneakyville” Live On WERS Boston 1987 (If Only You Were Dead, 2014)
THE LEMONHEADS “Hate Your Friends” Live On WERS Boston 1987 (If Only You Were Dead, 2014) 
THE LEMONHEADS “Mod Lang” (Big Star cover) (If Only You Were Dead, 2014)
THE LEMONHEADS “N.I.B.” (Black Sabbath cover) Live On WERS Boston 1988 (If Only You Were Dead, 2014) 
LONESOME SHACK “Head Holes” (More Primitive, 2014)
DEEP THROAT ANTHOLOGY Part1&2 “Bubbles” (1972)
DEEP THROAT ANTHOLOGY Part1&2 “La La La” (1974)
VELVET GOLDMINE BSO (Teenage Fanclub & Donna Matthews de Elastica) “Personality Crisis” (New York Dolls cover) (1998)
BARRABAS “Boogie Rock” (Power, 1974)
LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RIO “Juventud Tatuada” (Guante de guillotina, 1982)
THE REZILLOS “Ballroom Blitz” (live) (Sweet cover) (1978)

viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

PROGRAMA #195 (10/07/2014)

PROGRAMA 10/07/2014

JUDAS PRIEST “Dragonaut” (Redeemer of souls, 2014)
PLAGUE VENDOR “Black Sap Scriptures” (Free to Eat, 2014)
WAGONS “Summer Liquor” (Acid Rain & Sugar Cane, 2014)
RADIO MOSCOW “So Alone” (Magical Dirt, 2014) 
ELKIN & NELSON “Abran Paso” (Angeles y demonios, 1974)
EXPRESION “La luz del fin del mundo” (1974)
PAN Y REGALIZ “Magic Colors” (1971)
MODIFICACION “Across the time” (1974)
SHOCK “No se puede ser Superman"(1971)
LUIS QUEIMADA “I Feel Strange” (1974)
FRANKLIN “Satisfaction” (1971)

viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

PROGRAMA #194 (03/07/2014)


JIMMY JUKEBOX “Motorboat”(1974)
KRISTINE SPARKLE “Eight Days a Week” (1974)

PARQUET COURTS (Sunbathing Animal, 2014)
“Sunbathing Animal”
“Black and White” (7-Inch version)

JACK WHITE (Lazaretto, 2014)
“Three Women”
“Just one drink”

IMELDA MAY (Tribal, 2014)

CHUCK MEAD (Free State Serenade, 2014)
“Neosho Valley Sue”

MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND (Tales of Old Grand-Daddy, 1973 RE 2014). Harry Vanda y George Young
“Can’t Stand the Heat”
“Goodbye Jane”

GERRY RAFFERTY “Baker Street” (1978)

viernes, 27 de junio de 2014

PROGRAMA #193 (26/06/2014)

PROGRAMA 26/06/2014

THE BLACK KEYS (Turn Blue, 2014)
“Turn Blue”
“Gotta Get Away”

MASTODON (Once More Round the Sound, 2014)
“The Motherload”

PHISH (Fuego, 2014)
“Devotion to a Dream”
“Sing Monica”

JOBRIATH (As the River Flows, 2014)
“Amazing Dope Tales”
“Rock of Ages” (Live at the Bottom Line, julio de 1974)
“I’m a man”
“Take Me I’m Yours” (Live at the Bottom Line, julio de 1974)
“As the River Flows”

GIUDA  (Let's Do It Again, 2013)
“Wild Tiger Woman”

LOS RETROVISORES (En el surco, 2014)

THE PEABODYS (Physicodelia, 2014)

viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

PROGRAMA #192 (19/06/2014)


BOB MOULD (Beauty & Ruin, 2014)
"Little Glass Pill"
"Kid with the Crooked Face"
"I Don't Know You Anymore"

RICH ROBINSON (The Ceaseless Sight, 2014)
"I Know You"
"Down the Road"

THE HOLLYWOOD STARS (Shine like a Radio: the Great Lost 1974 Album)
"Supermen are always Gentlemen"
"King of the Night Time World"

THE REIGNING SOUND (Shattered, 2014)
"North Cackalacky Girl"
"You Did Wrong"
"Once More"
"My, My"

LOS BENGALA (maqueta, 2014)
"No hay amor sin dolor"

viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

PROGRAMA #191 (12/06/2014)

CALIFORNIA BREED (California Breed, 2014)
"Sweet Tea"
"The Way"

LEE BAINS III & THE GLORY FIRES (Dereconstructed, 2014)

"The Company Man"
"Burnpiles, Swimming Holes"
"The Weeds Downtown"

LEE FIELDS (Emma Jean, 2014)
"Just Can't Win"
"All I Need"

POL POT (Strangeness, 2014)
"So Older"

THE KLEEJOSS BAND (Wind City Haze, 2014)
"Desert Blues"

sábado, 31 de mayo de 2014

PROGRAMA #190 (29/05/2014)

PROGRAMA 29/05/2014

THE RICH HANDS (Out Of My Head, 2014)          
“Ballroom Love”
“So Fine”

“She Knows It”

SPANISH GOLD (South Nowhere, 2014)
“South Nowhere”
“Movin On”
“Lonely Ride”

Especial Soft Rock 1980

HALL & OATES (Voice, 1980)
“How Does It Feel to Be Back”
“Big Kids”
“United State”
“Kiss on My List”

REO SPEEDWAGON (Hi Infidelity, 1980)
“Don’t Let Him Go”
“Keep on Loving You”

BILLY JOEL (Glass Houses, 1980)
“You May Be Right”
“Sometimes a Fantasy”