viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013

PROGRAMA #140 (14/03/2013)


NAOMI PUNK (The Feeling, 2012)
“Voodoo Trust”
“Burned Body”
THE DRONES (I See Seaweed, 2013)
“How to See Through Fog”
“A Moat You Can Stand In”
ROBYN HITCHCOCK (Love from London, 2013)
“I Love You”
“Strawberries Dress”
SON VOLT (Honky Tonk, 2013)
“Hearts and Minds”
DAVID BOWIE (The Next Day, 2013)
“The Next Day”
“The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”
“I’d Rather Be High”
KROKUS (Dirty Dynamite, 2013)
“Hallelujah Rock n’ Roll”
“Dirty Dynamite”
WHITE LION (Proud, 1987)
"Sweet Little Loving"

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