sábado, 4 de mayo de 2013

PROGRAMA #146 (02/05/2013)



IGGY & THE STOOGES "Gun" (Ready to Die, 2013)
IGGY & THE STOOGES "DD's" (Ready to Die, 2013)
CLUTCH "Earth Rocker" (Earth Rocker, 2013)
KADAVAR "Come Back Life" (Abra Kadavar, 2013)
THE HELLACOPTERS "Psyched Out & Furious" (Payin' the Dues, 1997)
ROBYN HITCHCOCK & THE VENUS 3 "The Afterlight" (Propellor Time, 2010)
STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES "Burnin' It Down" (The Lost Highway, 2013)
RAMONES "I Wanna Be Sedated" (Road to Ruin, 1978)
MISS DICIEMBRE "Gran Torino" (Fuckin' Sleaze, 2012)
BIG CITY "(They Had) Beards" (The Way The Trees Are, 2013)
SANTA RITA "Báltico" (High On the Seas, 2013)
LOS CORONAS "Miss Alamo" (Adiós Sancho, 2013)
LOS MAMBO JAMBO "Un Baile Hipnótico" (2013)

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