viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

PROGRAMA #179 (27/02/2014)

PROGRAMA 27/02/2014

BLACK LIPS (Underneath Rainbow, 2014)
“Drive By Buddy”
“Make You Mine”
NICK WATERHOUSE  (Holly, 2014)
“High Tiding”
LYDIA LOVELESS (Somewhere Else, 2014)
“Really Wanna See You”
“Chris Isaak”
NATURAL CHILD (Dancin’ With Wolves, 2014)
“Saturday Night Blues”
CRAZY HORSE (At Crooked Lake, 1972)
“Rock and Roll Band”
NEIL YOUNG (Live at the Cellar Door, 2013)
“After the Goldrush”
SWEET MADNESS (Made Spokane 1978-1981, 2013)
“Put on hold”
“One of the Buzzboys”
NOVEDADES CARMINHA (Juventud Infinita, 2014)
“Juventud infinita”
“Et Moi, et Moi, et moi” (Jacques Dutronc,1966)
STANLEY ROAD (Spanish Art Today, 2013)
"Bad Citizen"
DEAD LORD (Goodbye Repentance, 2013)
"Because of Spite"
THE DUST BOWL (Beyond the Sun, 2011)
"Hit the Gas"

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