viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

PROGRAMA #206 (16/10/2014)

PROGRAMA 16/10/2014

MEATBODIES (Meatbodies, 2014)

MELVINS (Hold it in, 2014)
“Bride of Crankenstein”
“Brass Cupcake”
“I Get Along (Hollow Moon)"

BOB SEGER (Ride Out, 2014)
“Detroit Made” (John Hiatt)
“Hey Gipsy”
“The Devil’s Right Hand” (Steve Earle)
“California Stars” (Wilco)

LEE RANALDO AND THE DUST (Acoustic Dust, 2014)
“Revolution Blues” (Neil Young)

TUMBLEWEEDS “Spin it around” (2014) 

SCREAMIN’ DIABLOS “Jeffrey Brown” (EP, 2014) 

THE DICTATORS “New York, New York” (Viva Dictators, 2005)

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