viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

PROGRAMA #209 (06/11/2014)


THE CRY! (Dangerous Game, 2014)
“Nowhere to Go”

NUDE BEACH (77, 2014)
“I’m Not Like You”
“I Can’t Keep the Tears from Falling”

JAMES WILLIAMSON (Re-licked, 2014)
Head On The Curve (w/ Jello Biafra)
She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills (w/ Ariel Pink)
Wild Love (w/ Mark Lanegan & Alison Mosshart)

CYANIDE PILLS (Still Bored, 2014)
“Can’t get it up”
“Keep on Dreaming”

ROXY MUSIC “Love is the drug" (Siren, 1975)

BOSTON BOPPERS “Whirlwind Girl”(1974)

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