viernes, 16 de enero de 2015

PROGRAMA #215 (15/01/2015)

PLAYLIST PROGRAMA #215 (15/01/2015)

JOOK "Different Class" (1973)
JOOK "King Kapp" (1973)
HOLLYWOOD BRATS (Hollywood Brats, 1973)
"Chez Maximes"
"Tumble With Me"
"Then He Kissed Me"
LOS TUPPER (Yesterday's Pizza, 2014)
"Susie in The Night Time"
"Turn Me On"
"Like It"
FACES (First Step, 1970)
"Wicked Messenger" (Bob Dylan)
"Three Button Hand Me Down"
CHRIS BROKAW "Stories" (I Ace Sociopathic King, 2011)

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