viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015

PROGRAMA #220 (19/02/2015)

THE BEATLES "Rock and Roll Music" (Beatles For Sale, 1964)
THE ROLLING STONES "Around and ARound" (12x5, 1964)
"Life is a Carnival"
"Radio Commercial"
"When I Paint My Masterpiece" (Bob Dylan)
(Cahoots, 1971)
THE JAYHAWKS "Big Star" (Sound of Lies, 1996)
LYNYRD SKYNYRD "Sweet Little Missy" (Street Survivors, 1977)
ZZTOP "Burger Man" (Recycler, 1990)
GUNS N' ROSES "Mama Kin" (Live86 Lies, 1988)
DOKKEN "Just Got Lucky" (Beast from the East, 1988)

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