viernes, 13 de marzo de 2015

PROGRAMA #223 (12/03/2015)


SLEATER-KINNEY "Price Tag" (No Cities To Love, 2015)
SLEATER-KINNEY "No Anthems" (No Cities To Love, 2015)
DIAMOND RUGS “Thunk” (Cosmetics, 2015)
DIAMOND RUGS “Mean to Be” (Cosmetics, 2015)
ANDERS OSBORNE & NMAs “Away, Way Too Long” (Freedom and Dreams, 2015)
ANDERS OSBORNE & NMAs “Back Together” (Freedom and Dreams, 2015)
ZAPPO “Right On!” (1973)
THE STOOGES “Search and Destroy” (Raw Power, 1973)
NEW YORK DOLLS “Who Are The Mystery Girls” (Too Much Too Soon, 1974)
JOHNNY THUNDERS “Goin’ Steady” (L.A.M.F. The Lost ’77 Mixes)
THE DOORS “LA Woman" (LA WOMAN, 1971)
THE STOOGES “Raw Power” (Raw Power, 1973)

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