viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2015

PROGRAMA #245 (24/09/2015)


THE CONNECTION “Labor of Love” (Labor of Love, 2015)
THE CONNECTION “Let the Jukebox Take Me” (Labor of Love, 2015)
THE CONNECTION “Pathetic Kind of Man” (Labor of Love, 2015)
GRAVEYARD “Magnetic Shunk” (Innocence & Decadence, 2015)
GRAVEYARD “Too Much is not Enough” (Innocence & Decadence, 2015)
GRAVEYARD “Never Theirs to Sell” (Innocence & Decadence, 2015)
GRAVEYARD “From a Hole in the Wall” (Innocence & Decadence, 2015)
GLAM 70'S MEDLEY: The Equals, Zipper, Zappo, Black Fire, Buster, Crunch, Just Boys, Marcus Hook Roll Band, Coloured Balls, The Gorillas, Jet...
LUCERO “Baby Don’t You Want Me” (All a Man Should Do, 2015)

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