viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

PROGRAMA #248 (15/10/2015)


THE SWEET "Rebel Rouser" (Sweet Fanny Adams, 1974)
SEÑOR NO "A veces no" (2015)
SUPERFORTRESS "La chica" (Julen, 2015)
DIXIE TOWN "Long Time Runnig" (Same Old Story, 2015)
DIXIE TOWN "Taste It" (Same Old Story, 2015)
BOB WAYNE "Sympathy For the Devil" (Hits the Hits, 2015)
THE CONNECTION "Labor of Love" (Labor of Love, 2015)
THE CONNECTION "So Easy" (Labor of Love, 2015)
THE CONNECTION "Circles" (Labor of Love, 2015)
MARK OLSON "Poison Oleander" (Good-bye Lizelle, 2015)
MARK OLSON "Long Distance Runner" (Good-bye Lizelle, 2015)
GIUDA "Roll the Balls" (2015)
THE SWEET "Set Me Free" (Sweet Fanny Adams, 1974)

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