viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

PROGRAMA #262 (18/02/2016)


PENETRATION MOON “In the City” (Penetration Moon, 2016)
PENETRATION MOON “A Fifth A Day” (Penetration Moon, 2016)
PENETRATION MOON “Modern” (Penetration Moon, 2016)
TIJUANA PANTHERS “Foolish” (Poster, 2015)
TIJUANA PANTHERS “Set Forth” (Poster, 2015)
M.WARD “Temptation” (More Rain, 2016)
NADA SURF “Cold To See Clear” (You Know Who You Are, 2016)
OZZY OSBOURNE "The Ultimate Sin" (The Ultimate Sin, 1986)
OZZY OSBOURNE "Shot in the Dark" (The Ultimate Sin, 1986)
BISCUIT “Welcome to Dundersville” (S/T, 2016)
BISCUIT “Goodbye Again Or” (S/T, 2016)
BISCUIT “Need My Coach” (S/T, 2016)
EXXAXENS "Hugeness" (Back to Earth, 2015)
LUCINDA WILLIAMS “Bitter Memory” (The Ghost of Highway 20, 2016)

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