lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

PROGRAMA #281 (09/02/2017)


BLACK STAR RIDERS “When the Night Comes In” (Heavy Fire 2017)
BLACK STAR RIDERS “Heavy Fire” (Heavy Fire 2017)
THE MENZINGERS “Thick As Thieves” (After the Party, 2017)
MARK EITZEL “The Last Ten Years” (Hey Mr. Ferryman, 2017)
MARK EITZEL “Mr. Humphries” (Hey Mr. Ferryman, 2017)
MARK EITZEL "La Llorona" (Hey Mr. Ferryman, 2017)
TIFT MERRITT “Dusty Old Man” (Stitch of the World, 2017)
THE SWEET ”It’s Lonely Out there” (1968)
THE SWEET “The Juicier” (1969)
THE SWEET “Get On The Line” (1970)
THE SWEET “Funny Funny” (1971)
THE SWEET “Done Me Wrong All Right” (1971)
VICTORIOUS FLEET COMMANDERS “Baby Boy’s Coming” (Ay Carmela, 2016)
THE HELLACOPTERS "Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial" (High Visibility, 2000)

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