viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

PROGRAMA #292 (27/04/2017)


WHITE REAPER “The World’s Best American Band” (The World’s Best American Band, 2017)
MALE BONDING “Wrench” (Headache, 2017)
MALE BONDING “Visible Girls” (Headache, 2017)
RAY DAVIES “The Deal” (Americana, 2017)
RAY DAVIES “Poetry” (Americana, 2017)
RAY DAVIES “The Great Highway” (Americana, 2017)
ROBYN HITCHCOK “Virginia Wolf” (Robyn Hitchcock, 2017)
ROBYN HITCHCOK “Mad Shelley’s Letterbox” (Robyn Hitchcock, 2017)
WOODS “Lost in a crowd” (Love is Love, 2017)
HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF “Living in the city” (The Navigator, 2017)
CABEZAFUEGO “Caramelos 6 de julio” (Somos droga, 2017)
CABEZAFUEGO “La balada del irritante” (Somos droga, 2017)
NUEVO CATECISMO CATÓLICO "Stucked To The Old Chair" (Scarred For Life, 2001)
ERIK VOEKS “She Loved Her Jangle Pop” (So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away, 2016)

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