sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017

PROGRAMA #299 (07/09/2017)


DOWNTOWN BOYS “A Wall” (Cost of Living, 2017)
STARCRAWLER ”Used to Know” (Ants, 2017)
LEE BAINS III & the GLORY FIRES “Breaking It Down!” (Youth Detention, 2017)
FLAMIN' GROOVIES “Crazy Mazy” (Fantastic Plastic, 2017)
FLAMIN' GROOVIES “I Want You Bad” (Fantastic Plastic, 2017)
FLAMIN' GROOVIES “End of the World” (Fantastic Plastic, 2017)
CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD “Behold the Seer” (Barefoot in the Head, 2017)
CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD “Blue Star Woman” (Barefoot in the Head, 2017)
JOHN NEMETH “Feelin’ Freaky” (Feelin’ Freaky)
NICOLE ATKINS “Goodnight Rhonda Lee” (Goodnight Rhonda Lee, 2017)
NICOLE ATKINS “A little crazy” (Goodnight Rhonda Lee, 2017)
NICOLE ATKINS “Listen Up” (Goodnight Rhonda Lee, 2017)
NICOLE ATKINS "A Night of serious drinking" (Goodnight Rhonda Lee, 2017)

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