viernes, 13 de octubre de 2017

PROGRAMA #304 (12/10/2017)


PEZBAND (Pezband, 1977)
“Baby It’s Cold Outside”
“When I’m Down”
“Close Your Eyes”
PEZBAND (Laughing in the Dark, 1978)
“Love Goes Underground”
“Stop! Wait a Minute”
“Come On Madeline”
“On and On”
CHEAP TRICK (In Color, 1977)
“Hello There”
“I Want You to Want Me”
“Southern Girls”
“Come On, Come On”
THE SHOES (Black Vinyl Shoes, 1977)
“Boys Don’t Lie”
“Writing a Postcard”
“Nowhere So Fast”
THE SHOES (Present Tense, 1979)
“Tomorrow Night”
“Too Late”
“Now and Then”

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