viernes, 31 de enero de 2014

PROGRAMA #176 (30/01/2014)

PROGRAMA 30/01/2014

MONSTER MAGNET (Last Patrol, 2013)
“Strobe Light Beatdown”
“Mindless Ones”        

LYDIA LOVELESS (Boy Crazy, 2013)
“Boy Crazy”
“Lover’s Spat”

DUM DUM GIRLS (Too True, 2014)
“In the Wake of You”

THE SWEET (Sweet Funny Adams, 1974)
"Rebel Rouser"

MOTLEY CRUE (Too Fast For Love, 1981)
"Public Enemy #1"

KISS (Kiss, 1974)
"Nothin' to Lose"
"Cold Gin"
HENDRIK ROVER (Oeste (/Norte), 2013)
“Hora de llorar”

MARK SULTAN/BBQ (War on rock and roll, 2012)
THE FLESHTONES (Wheel of Talent, 2014)
“Remember the Ramones”

WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! (Todo Roto, 2013)
"Casa, trabajo, coche y mujer"

miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014

PROGRAMA #175 (23/01/2014)

DAN BAIRD AND HOMEMADE SIN “Fall Apart On Me” (Circus Life, 2013)
DRIVE BY TRUCKERS “Shit Shots Count” (English Oceans, 2014)
DRIVE BY TRUCKERS “Primer Coat” (English Oceans, 2014)
SLADE “Good Time Gals” (Old New Borrowed and Blue, 1974)
GIUDA “Wild Tiger Woman” (Let’s Do It Again, 2013)
GIUDA “Teenage Rebel” (Let’s Do It Again, 2013)
GIUDA “Fat Boy Boogie” (Let’s Do It Again, 2013)
JOHNNY THUNDERS “Short Lives” (Qué Sera, Sera, 1985)
JOHNNY THUNDERS “Daddy Rollin’ Stone” (So Alone, 1978)
JOHNNY THUNDERS “Tie Me Up” (Qué Sera, Sera, 1985
LOS ENEMIGOS “La cuenta atrás” (La cuenta atrás, 1991)
THE SADIES “Another Tomorrow Again” (Internal Sounds, 2013)
THE FLESHTONES “(Sock It to Me Baby) in the House of Shock” (Mondo Zombie Boogaloo, 2013)
SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS “Goo Goo Muck” (Mondo Zombie Boogaloo, 2013)