sábado, 31 de mayo de 2014

PROGRAMA #190 (29/05/2014)

PROGRAMA 29/05/2014

THE RICH HANDS (Out Of My Head, 2014)          
“Ballroom Love”
“So Fine”

“She Knows It”

SPANISH GOLD (South Nowhere, 2014)
“South Nowhere”
“Movin On”
“Lonely Ride”

Especial Soft Rock 1980

HALL & OATES (Voice, 1980)
“How Does It Feel to Be Back”
“Big Kids”
“United State”
“Kiss on My List”

REO SPEEDWAGON (Hi Infidelity, 1980)
“Don’t Let Him Go”
“Keep on Loving You”

BILLY JOEL (Glass Houses, 1980)
“You May Be Right”
“Sometimes a Fantasy”

sábado, 10 de mayo de 2014

PROGRAMA #189 (08/05/2014)

PROGRAMA 08/05/2014

SONIC AVENUES (Mistakes, 2014)
“Waiting for a Change”
“Better Days to Come”
“Wasted Summer”

GUIDED BY VOICES (Cool Planet, 2014)
“Authoritarian Zoo”
“Psychotic Crus"
“Males of Wormwood Mars”
“All American Boy”
“Cool Planet”

The Junkshop Glam Discotheque
JIMMY JUKEBOX  (AKA KIM FOWLEY) “Motorboat” (1975)
SHELBY “(Dance With The) Guitar Man” (1974)
ICE CREAM “Shout it Out” (1974)

THE DESOTO CAUCUS (The Desoto Caucus, 201)
“Nail in the Wall”
“Stepping Outside”
“Just the Other Day”

LEON RUSSELL (Life Journey, 2014)
“Come On in My Kitchen” (Robert Johnson)
"Down in Dixieland"

viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

PROGRAMA #188 (01/05/2014)

PROGRAMA 01/05/2014

BARON SAMEDI (Dollars Eye, 2014)
"Dollars Eye"
"Gipsy Curse"
"Don't Ask For Me"
"B.T. Club"

THEE OH SEES (Drop, 2014)
“Encrypted Bounce (a queer sound)”

BABY WOODROSE (Kicking Ass and Taking Names, 2014)
“Information Overload”
“Coming Around Again”

GORD DOWNIE (The Tragically Hip) & THE SADIES (And the Conquering Sun, 2014)
“One Good Fast Job”
“Budget Shoes”

RADIO DAYS (Get Some Action, 2013)
“Girl Girl Girl”
“Love and Fun”