viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

PROGRAMA #187 (24/04/2014)

Duelo radiofónico entre Jose Ramón Tenas y David Díez. Repasamos con ellos próximos conciertos interesantes dentro de la agenda de Zaragoza. Suenan Spazzys, The Electric Soft Parade, Miss Chain and the Broken Heels, Damien Jurado, Sonic Avenues, Bart Davenport, Needles & Pins...

viernes, 18 de abril de 2014

PROGRAMA #186 (17/04/2014)

PROGRAMA 17/04/2014

JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD (Make My Head Sing..., 2014)
“Anything You Want”
“I Wanna Love You”
“Do I Have The Time”

DENIZ TEK (Detroit, 2014)
“Pine Box”
“Twilight of the Modern Age”
“Let Him Pay for That”

SWEET APPLE (The Golden Age of Glitter, 2014)
“Another Desert Skyline”

DEATH (III, 2014)
“Introduction by David”
“North Street”

BARON SAMEDI (Dollars Eye, 2014)
“Dollars Eye”
"Bithday Cake"

KING MASTINO (New H-Records: Dando vida a nuevas criaturas desde 2002, 2014)
“Ain’t Nothing to Fade”

MARC FORD (Holy Ghost, 2014)
“Blue Sky”
“Dream #26”

domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

PROGRAMA #185 (10/04/2014)

TWEENS (Tweens, 2014)
“Bored in the city”
“I’m Gonna Steal Your Boyfriend"

“Do you Remember” (Love & Desperation, 2010)
“Wish You Could Stay (A Little Longer)” con Mark Lanegan (The Golden Age of Glitter, 2014)
“Reunion” con Robert Pollard (The Golden Age of Glitter, 2014)

THE TOILET BOYS (Toilet Boys, 2001)
“Paul Stanley was a lady”

THE RICHMOND SLUTS (The Richmond Sluts, 2001)
“City Girls”

NOVEDADES CARMINHA (Juventud Infinita, 2014)

PARTIDO (The Ruins, 2014)
"The Apologist"

PERALTA (Time, Purpose & Gold, 2014)
“Don’t turn off the lights”

JIMBO MATHUS & THE TRI-STATE COALITION (Dark Night of the Soul, 2014)
“Dark Night of the soul”
“Rock and Roll Trash

viernes, 4 de abril de 2014

PROGRAMA #184 (03/04/2014)

MUDHONEY (Live at Third Man Records, 2014)
“Slipping Away”
“The Final Course”

BART DAVENPORT (Physical World, 2014)
“Fuck Fame”
“Dust in the Circuits”


 THE RATS (RatsFirst, 1974)
“Turtle Dove”

THE STRYPES (Snapshot, 2013)
"Mystery Man"

“Going Back Home”

FLAMING GROOVIES (Teenage Head, 1971)
“Have You Seen My Baby?”
“City Lights”

PERALTA (Time, Purpose & Gold, 2014)
“The Sound That I Hear”

WILLIE NILE (American Ride, 2014)
“She’s Got My Herat” (American Ride)