sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2016

PROGRAMA #272 (22/09/2016)


STEVE ADAMYK BAND "Broken Arms" (Graceland, 2016)
DAWES “When the Tequila Runs Out” (We’re All Gonna Die, 2016)
LYDIA LOVELESS “Midwestern Guys” (Real, 2016)
TEENAGE FANCLUB “The Darkest Part of the Night” (Here, 2016)
TEENAGE FANCLUB “Live in the Moment” (Here, 2016)
THOR “Sleeping Giant” (Keep the Dogs Away, 1977)
THOR “Superhero” (Keep the Dogs Away, 1977)
HOLLYWOOD BRATS "Tumble With Me" (Hollywood Brats, 1973)
HOLLYWOOD BRATS "Zurich 17" (Hollywood Brats, 1973)
THE BOSTON BOPPERS "Whirlwind Girl" (1974)
MERLIN "(Let Me) Put My Spell On You" (1974)
LEFT SIDE "I Want Ye And I Get Ye" (1974)
THE A-PHONICS "El Torcal" (Els A-Phonics & Friends, 2014)
THE BEACH BOYS "Surfin' USA" (Chicago 1965)
THE A-PHONICS "Albufera Stomp" (Els A-Phonics & Friends, 2014)