viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

PROGRAMA #188 (01/05/2014)

PROGRAMA 01/05/2014

BARON SAMEDI (Dollars Eye, 2014)
"Dollars Eye"
"Gipsy Curse"
"Don't Ask For Me"
"B.T. Club"

THEE OH SEES (Drop, 2014)
“Encrypted Bounce (a queer sound)”

BABY WOODROSE (Kicking Ass and Taking Names, 2014)
“Information Overload”
“Coming Around Again”

GORD DOWNIE (The Tragically Hip) & THE SADIES (And the Conquering Sun, 2014)
“One Good Fast Job”
“Budget Shoes”

RADIO DAYS (Get Some Action, 2013)
“Girl Girl Girl”
“Love and Fun”

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