sábado, 31 de mayo de 2014

PROGRAMA #190 (29/05/2014)

PROGRAMA 29/05/2014

THE RICH HANDS (Out Of My Head, 2014)          
“Ballroom Love”
“So Fine”

“She Knows It”

SPANISH GOLD (South Nowhere, 2014)
“South Nowhere”
“Movin On”
“Lonely Ride”

Especial Soft Rock 1980

HALL & OATES (Voice, 1980)
“How Does It Feel to Be Back”
“Big Kids”
“United State”
“Kiss on My List”

REO SPEEDWAGON (Hi Infidelity, 1980)
“Don’t Let Him Go”
“Keep on Loving You”

BILLY JOEL (Glass Houses, 1980)
“You May Be Right”
“Sometimes a Fantasy”

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