viernes, 24 de abril de 2015

PROGRAMA #229 (23/04/2015)


RAMONES "Blitzkrieg Bop" (Ramones, 1976)
DEATH "Relief" (N.E.W., 2015)
DEATH "The Times" (N.E.W., 2015)
DEATH "Who Am I" (N.E.W., 2015)
ALABAMA SHAKES "Dunes" (Sound & Color, 2015)
ALABAMA SHAKES "Gimme All Your Love" (Sound & Color, 2015)
ALABAMA SHAKES "Shoegaze" (Sound & Color, 2015)
JIMBO MATHUS "Shoot Out the Lights" (Blue Healer, 2015)
JIMBO MATHUS "Sometimes I Get Worried" (Blue Healer, 2015)
HENRY LEE SCHMIDT "Born in the Wrong Country" (In the Wrong Country, 2015)
HENRY LEE SCHMIDT "The Summer Demons of Henry Lee" (In the Wrong Country, 2015)
RANDY BACHMAN "Litte Girl Los" feat. Neil Young (Heavy Blues, 2015)
CASABLANCA "Last of the Rockstars" (Apocalyptic Youth, 2012)
CASABLANCA "Deriberately Wasted" (Apocalyptic Youth, 2012)

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