viernes, 1 de mayo de 2015

PROGRAMA #230 (30/04/2015)


METZ "Acetate" (II, 2015)
METZ "The Swimmer" (II, 2015)
MY MORNING JACKET "Big Decisions" (The Waterfall, 2015)
SAUN & STARR "Look Closer (Can't You See The Signs)" (Look Closer, 2015)
SAUN & STARR "Hot Shot" (Look Closer, 2015)
CHUCK PROPHET "Felony Glamour" (Night Surfer, 2014)
EL HOMBRE LENTO "Primero golpear" (Residual, 2014)
LANA LEE "Rio Tinto" (Lana Lee, 2015)
COCK SPARRER "Runnin' Riot" (The Decca Years, 1978)
CRIATURA "Un soplo de aire" (Trampas, 2013)
HENDRIK ROVER "Cuando el primero" (Oeste-Norte, 2013)
PAUL COLLINS "Don't Know How to Treat a Lady" (Feel the Noise, 2014)
PAUL COLLINS "Little Suzy" (Feel the Noise, 2014)
THE NERVES "Hanging on the telephone" (EP, 1976)
THE NERVES "When You Find Out" (EP, 1976)
THE NERVES "Working Too Hard" (EP, 1976)
THE NERVES "One Way Ticket" (lp Jack Lee, Paul Collins, Peter Case 1976/1986)
THE NERVES "Give Me Some Time" (EP, 1976)

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