viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

PROGRAMA #234 (28/05/2015)


THE ROMANTICS "When I Look In Your Eyes" (The Romantics, 1980)
THE VAPORS "Jimmie Jones" (Magnets, 1981)
TEQUILA "Dónde está mi brújula" (Confidencial, 1981)
BILBO BAGGINS "Back Home" (1974)
THE JOOK "Crazy Kids" (1974)
KIM FOWLEY "Dancing All Night" (International Heroes, 1974)
THE HOLLYWOOD STARS "Escape" (Shine Like A Radio, 1974)
THE QUICK "Rag Doll" (Mondo Deco, 1976)
THE RUNAWAYS "Secrets" (The Runaways, 1976)
GIRLSCHOOL "Emergency" (Demolition, 1980)
THIN LIZZY "Fighting My Way Back" (Fighting, 1975)
AEROSMITH "I Wanna Know Why" (Draw the Line, 1977)
SCORPIONS "Catch Your Train" (Virgin Killer, 1976)
HEAVY METAL KIDS "Hangin' On" (Heavy Metal Kids 1974)
X "Los Angeles" (Los Angeles, 1980)
ZOLAR X "Space Age Love" (1974)
REDD KROSS "Annie's Gone" (Third Eye, 1990)
THE BEATLES "Think For Yourself" (Rubber Soul, 1965)
THE REPLACEMENTS "Dose Of Thunder" (Tim, 1985)

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