martes, 24 de enero de 2017

PROGRAMA #278 (19/01/2017)


SAVOY MOTEL “Souvenir Shop Rock” (Savoy Motel, 2016)
SAVOY MOTEL “Sorry People” (Savoy Motel, 2016)
SAVOY MOTEL “Hot One” (Savoy Motel, 2016)
THE LEMON TWIGS “I Wanna Prove to You” (Do Hollywood, 2016)
SHEER MAG “Can’t Stop Fighting” (III EP, 2016)
JULIA JACKLIN “Small Talk” (Don’t Let the Kids Win, 2016)
MOTHER LOVE BONE “Stardog Champion” (Apple, 1990)
MOTHER LOVE BONE “Holly Roller” (Apple, 1990)
MOTHER LOVE BONE “Crown Of Thorns” (Apple, 1990)
THE RATS “LA Highway” (First Long Player Record, 1974)
THE RATS “Turtle Dove” (First Long Player Record, 1974)
CAPITAL CITY ROCKETS “Little Bit O’ Fun” (Capital City Rockets, 1974)
COCK SPARRER “Platinum Gold” (Cock Sparrer, 1978)
SCOTT H. BIRAM “Red Wine” (The Bad Testament, 2017)

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