viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

PROGRAMA #279 (26/01/2017)


TY SEGALL “Break a Guitar” (Ty Segall, 2017)
TY SEGALL “Freedom”/ (Ty Segall, 2017)
TY SEGALL “Warm Hands (freedom returned)” (Ty Segall, 2017)
FOXYGEN “Follow the Leader” (Hang, 2017)
MICK HARVEY “Contact” (Intoxicated Woman, 2017)
TEN FÉ. “Twist your arm” (Hit the light, 2017)
SURFERBLOOD “Matter of Time” (Snowdonia, 2017)
THE REGRETTES “Hey Now” (Feel Your Feelings Fool!, 2016)
TACHENKO "Nuestra especialidad" (2017)
MY EXPANSIVE AWARENESS “The Wheel” (Going Nowhere, 2017)
SUN GOD REPLICA "Blow Your Mind" (Grandular Fever, 2016)
RAY COLLINS HOT CLUB "Barefoot" (Tohuwabohu, 2005)
IAN HUNTER & THE RANT BAND "White House" (Fingers Crossed, 2016)

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